The concept of the ProBio advisory offer aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between farmers by setting up working groups. A very special feature of these working groups is that they are led by specially trained farmers. This video offers an insight into a facilitation training course organised in collaboration between Bio Suisse and Agridea.

The two-day training focusses on the role of the facilitator, the most important facilitation methods, the facilitation cycle and numerous practical exercises. Participants learn simple but efficient moderation techniques such as the murmur, flashlight or weather method. This encourages interaction and creativity within a given group.

The moderation cycle of a ProBio meeting begins with clarification of the topic to be discussed, followed by a focussed tour on the farm. The group then delves deeper into a specific topic that was previously defined together with the host farmer. The cycle ends with a self-reflection session in which each group member reflects on how the new knowledge acquired can be implemented on their own farm. During the training, the participants lead individual phases of the cycle and apply the methods they have learnt.

The main aim of the ProBio working groups is to promote mutual learning, the exchange of experiences and joint problem-solving that producers face today. This type of collaboration is becoming increasingly important to address current challenges in agriculture: be it climate change, biodiversity loss, societal expectations or the isolation and lack of recognition of the work behind food production.

The video is in French but has subtitles in all languages.