Related projects

In order to create synergies with relevant networks, i2connect will liaise with relevant regional, national and European projects addressing advisor capacity building (see below). A close link with the SCAR’s AKIS Strategic Working Group, with the EIP-AGRI Service Point and also with National Rural Networks at national/local level will be established to exchange information and spread the project results to all European countries.

Some European projects are particularly relevant to i2connect (not exhaustive):

AGRILINK: the role played by farm advisors in farmer’s decision-making

AgriSPIN: innovation case studies – the role played by advisors

EURAKNOS and EUREKA: connect EU projects, develop a knowledge reservoir for AKIS

FAIRshare: strengthening advisors’ role in the digitalisation of agriculture

LIAISON: optimizing interactive innovation approaches

NEFERTITI (FARMDEMO): networking demonstration farms across Europe, encourage peer-to-peer learning between farmers

PRO AKIS: a first EU-wide Inventory of AKIS