i2connect Pilot Projects

i2connect supports 13 pilot projects. These are short projects, offering the opportunity to the participants of the i2connect training program to put their training into practice. These pilots showcase approaches supporting interactive innovation under specific local circumstances.

Interested in setting up your own pilot project?

Participants in the i2connect training program can apply for a pilot project, to facilitate an interactive innovation activity. Which activity is entirely up to the facilitator, but can include anything ranging from interactive demonstration, inspiration session, workshop, or something else. The choice is yours!

I2connect offers a budget of max EUR 5542 for the trainee who takes up the role of facilitator. This budget covers both staff costs and other expenses (e.g. travel costs) and has to be duly justified. In total 13 pilots will be selected and supported.

In order to qualify as a pilot, following criteria have to be met:

  • The pilot involves multiple stakeholders.
  • The pilot focuses on sustainable innovation.
  • The pilot aims to resolve a certain challenge.
  • The trainee, applying for the pilot, takes up the role of facilitator.
  • The pilot case can be part of a larger project but the funding is used for supporting a co-creation aspect of it.

To apply for a pilot project fill in the application template and send it to charlotte.lybaert@ilvo.vlaanderen.be.


Overview of approved pilot projects:

The following projects were approved as pilot project by the i2connect jury:

  1. Integration of interactive innovation approaches in the ADOPTAE project.
    Contact person: marie.boitelet@occitanie.chambagri.fr; celine.vachon@na.chambagri.fr
  1. Boost competencies of advisors in the Basque Country to engage and support farmers in interactive innovation processes.
    Contact: jlaza@abere.eus
  1. The use of an advisory service database to evaluate advisors’ interactive innovation competencies.
    Contact: yaite.cuesta.arenas@zlto.nl
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