The project is coordinated by the French Chambers of Agriculture (APCA) with the support of the Management Board composed of the various Work Package leaders (UHOH, TEAGASC, AGRIDEA, ZLTO and EUFRAS) and the project’s financial advisor (CIRCA).

International Advisory board

An International Advisory Board (IAB) will be appointed and steered by the Management Board at the end of 2020. The IAB is a panel of six stakeholders concerned with innovation support. Their role is to support the consortium by providing advice and different perspectives, to “see the bigger picture” and to ensure that the views of various stakeholders are effectively taken into account. The IAB members shall be allowed to participate in General Assembly meetings upon invitation but will not have any voting rights.

3 (starting in 2021)
During the GA meetings
Coordinator shall write the minutes of the IAB meetings and prepare the implementation of the IAB’s suggestions

Management Board

Chaired by the PC, the MB is composed of the following persons (work package leaders):

Role Name Organisation
Project Coordinator & Chair Sylvain Sturel APCA
Project Manager Carmen Avellaner de Santos APCA
PC Co-lead Mikaël Naitlho APCA
WP1 Leader(1) Andrea Knierim UHOH
WP1 Leader (2) Maria Gerster-Bentaya UHOH
WP2 Leader (1) Tom Kelly TEAGASC
WP2 Leader (2) Jane Kavanagh TEAGASC
WP3 Leader(1) Niels Rump AGRIDEA
WP3 Leader (2) Gwenaelle Fontaine AGRIDEA
WP4 Leader (1) Peter Paree ZLTO
WP4 Leader(2) Eelke Wielinga ZLTO
WP5 Leader Liga Cimermane EUFRAS
WP6 Leader Carmen A./Sylvain S. APCA
WP6 Support (financial issues) Jim Codd CIRCA
WP7 Leader Carmen A./Sylvain S. APCA