The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia (part of SEASN network) organized the very first »Cross Visit« within the i2connect project. »Cross Visits« in i2connect are intended for agricultural advisors, who attended the i2connect training course regarding tools for network analysis in interactive innovation processes. »Cross Visits« are an opportunity for selected advisors to go abroad and deepen their knowledge from the training course by using it in practice together with colleagues from different parts of Europe by exploring examples of practical cases of interactive innovation. On the »Cross Visit« in Slovenia participants analyzed an EIP project on the sustainable production of grapes in vineyards. Finding a suitable practical case of interactive innovation is probably the most important and also the hardest step to do when organizing a »Cross Visit«, since the selected case is the heart of the whole event. Key actors prepare a presentation of the practical case (project) and also a demonstration of the innovation on the field. After the presentation, the main focus is on the understanding of the interactive innovation process in this project, which is analyzed through interviews with key actors. Therefore it is very important to prepare a good »Cross Visit« program with clear objectives. The program is prepared by i2connect trainers who are familiar with the content and purpose of the tools for network analysis (Spiral of initiative, Triangle of Co-creation, Circle of Coherence,…), as well as with methods to carry out interactive workshops, which are the main part of the cross visit. The Slovenian I2connect trainers Jana Žiberna and Natalija Pelko did a great job with facilitating. On this first cross visit, we also invited Dutch advisor Eelke Wielinga, who is an author of tools for network analysis and he carried out 2 parts of the cross visit – refreshment of the knowledge from the training course and a very interesting workshop on one of the tools for network analysis, called Circle of coherence. The result of the workshops is visual presentations (posters) of the practical case in the form of tools for network analysis. At the end, participants also make SWOT analysis of the case. The lessons learned from the practical case and the cross visit itself are most valuable. The main goal is that participants take home what they learned, use that knowledge in daily work and also transfer it to their colleagues.

The Link to the video on tools to analyze networks will come shortly.