Our project partners have prepared a comprehensive cross-analysis of AKIS country reports with the main aim to provide an overview and selected deeper insights into the situation of the AKIS in i2connect partner countries by presenting comparative results. Our project partners and contracted experts conducted an AKIS situation analysis for 28 European countries between January 2020 and January 2021 on which this report basis. Moreover, since AKISs are not fixed systems but continuously evolving ones, the i2connect project plans to produce an updated AKIS inventory reports for the 28 countriesin year 2024.
Specifically, this report will (i) present the diversity of the AKISs in the EU and further selected European countries; (ii) highlight and comparatively assess several key AKIS features that substantially contribute to the systems’ functioning and performance; and (iii) particularly give information on advisory services’ situation as one key subsystem of the AKIS which recently gained a more prominent position in the EU CAP.
The studied AKISs represent very diverse and frequently complex organisational constellations. The general trend in western European countries demonstrate a profound pluralism within their AKISs. Also, the presence of private economic actors within the AKIS has clearly increased during the past ten years while NGOs are less widely present. Moreover, the analysis showed that despite the pluralism of advisory service providers in many countries, there is still a tendency for public organisations, closely followed by farmer-based organisations, as main providers of information and advice to farmers. With regard to advisory services provision, it is evident from the results that there are increasingly new demands on advisors and their organisations in not only providing technical advice but on supporting learning processes and facilitating innovation processes. This implies the need for further capacities, infrastructures and supporting policy to meet the challenges. Got your interest!? Please read the full report here!