In this new video, Christèle Couzy from the French Livestock Institute presents a simple tool to analyze networks. The idea behind the so-called Map of Actors is to identify three different types of actors. The important actors: those who are really involved in the project and those we think of right away. The second type of actors are the influent actors. They are not involved in the project directly, but they can give support, they can give ideas, they can give money. And the third type of actors is maybe the most important. They are the impacted actors. Those who will change at the end, who will be transformed by the project. In the last step, the advisor is reflecting on his/her own position and mission in this map, in this network. This tool supports advisors to become more interactive and innovative in their networks and projects.

The tool was developed by: idele France, inspired by ASIRPA (INRAe) and ImpresS (CIRAD)