In this video, i2connect partners are exploring the history and challenges of avocado production in Chania, located in the western part of Crete. Avocado trees currently occupy less than 2% of the agricultural land in Chania but its cultivation rapidly expanded, although with difficulties and setbacks for growers. The video uncovers the reasons behind these challenges. The introduction of avocados to Chania dates back to 1968, with efforts to promote cultivation between 1985 and 1995 falling short due to the reluctance of traditional crop growers. A turning point in 2008, prompted by drops in olive oil and orange prices and increased avocado demand, and local producers expanded cultivation with the help of the Local Cooperative of Organic Producers among others. Challenges emerged, including the need for tailored solutions, vocational training, and knowledge transfer. Recommendations include customizing training for avocado farmers, developing a strategic knowledge generation plan, fostering partnerships between farmers and advisors, and advocating for national policies supporting innovation in avocado farming.