A BioDistrict is a geographical area with a natural vocation for organic farming. In such an area, the various actors such as farmers, citizens, associations, and public administrations, define an agreement for the sustainable management of resources. They are focusing on organic production that involves all partners in the supply chain up to consumption. The three pillars of a BioDistrict are: the organic supply chain, the production chains and the awareness-raising of citizens for biological products. The aim is to enhance the territories that have chosen the organic model for their development. Local production generates income and helps to slow down depopulation. Today around 51 BioDistricts are spread all over Italy.

Successes of the project are: more attention to the needs of local organic supply chains, more technical assistance and more benefit for local producers.

Given their multi-actor nature, Biodistricts have already proved to be able to connect different subjects around shared objectives. Biodistricts facilitate the connection of farmers to training bodies and upstream actors of the supply chain and foster communication along it.

They are playing an important role in facilitating and supporting the interactive model of innovation endorsed by the European Innovation Partnership (EIP). And they are an added value in Operational Groups.

For example, some Biodistricts, specifically aimed at providing qualified technical assistance to organic farmers.

In Cooperation initiatives of local producers BioDistricts often played the role of innovation brokers.

Contact: Alessandro Triantafyllidis – a.trianta@aiab.it

Author: Alberto Sturla

Further links: https://aiab.it/biodistretti/  https://biodistretto.net/