Some advisors, participating in the i2connect training program, might be involved in a promising interactive innovation initiative, and have a clear idea about an effective approach to support it. I2connect offers the opportunity to those advisors to apply for support to pilot this approach through i2connect. These pilots will become showcases for approaches supporting interactive innovation under specific local circumstances. In order to qualify as a pilot, the following criteria have to be met:

  • The pilot involves multiple stakeholders.
  • The pilot focuses on sustainable innovation.
  • The pilot aims to resolve a certain challenge.
  • The trainee, applying for the pilot, takes up the role of facilitator.
  • The pilot case can be part of a larger project but the funding is used for supporting a co-creation aspect of it.

i2connect offers a budget of max EUR 5542 for the trainee who takes up the role of facilitator. This budget covers both staff costs and other expenses (e.g. travel costs) and has to be duly justified. In total 13 pilots will be selected and supported.

The pilot projects offer the opportunity for a selected number of participants in the training for advisors to put their training into practice and test out an interactive innovation approach. However, since the resources to support these projects are rather limited, we were looking for a way to make the pilot projects accessible and the administrative process as simple as possible for the participants. In this document, the application, selection and reporting process for i2connect Task 4.3, pilot projects, is explained.

We are aware that these are very broad criteria. The pilot projects are a tool for experimentation, so we want to allow as much diversity as possible. The core remains, of course, that the projects involve a multi-actor approach. If you wish to apply, please use the application template!

For any questions, please send an email to