What was the challenge/ problem addressed?

The main challenge is to contribute to reinforce the AKIS governance of Spain. The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture is working to implement an AKIS Coordination Body and we will use this CoP as a steering committee in an informal way within the framework of the ModernAKIS project.

Coordinating AKIS policies is useful to avoid duplication, improve innovation, promote digitalization, give a practical approach to science and adapt training to farmers and foresters. Moreover, there are members of the associations of agricultural and forestry producers and also agri-food cooperatives in the National CoP, they can convey the main needs of farmers to the level of policymakers.

And finally, this National CoP is a real think tank and influencer of AKIS policies and the main activities of the new Spanish AKIS Coordination Body.

How did you solve the problem?

Just following the following steps:
– Looking for similar AKIS experiences in the past. For instance, in Spain there was an AKIS Focus Group created in 2019.
– Defining the purpose of the Spanish National CoP.
– Making a list of potential members of the CoP.
– Selecting members based on their background, expertise, the CoP targets, trust, motivation, etc.
– Inviting the person instead of the organization.
– And finally, starting meetings with a suitable agenda.

What are the success factors in solving the problem?

They are working groups that have worked in the past, even if they had a different focus.
There is great diversity among the members of the CoP: From different regions, different sectors, the university, agro-technological sector, agricultural and forestry producers, agri-food industry, environmentalists, training, innovation, etc.
The Ministry of Agriculture has experience managing and coordinating groups similar to the CoP.
The ModernAKIS project framework is a good model to compare with other Member States.
And finally, all the CoP members will be able to obtain learned lessons.

Unexpected fails, if any

Managing the expectations of CoP members.
Some members have not participated as expected of them.
Online meetings probably are not good enough to maximize outputs.

Lessons learned

National CoP members want meetings that encourage interactive innovation.
Tools are being sought to better manage information and reach the sector.
The aim is to strengthen advisory services by facilitating the digital transition.

What role does the advisor or advisory service play within the practical case?

Some of the advisory service representatives at the CoP are members of EUFRAS and share their experience with the rest of the CoP membership. Others prefer to promote a facilitation mechanism for the use of public funds in technological developments.
There are also proposals of the creation of an AKIS cooperation network at national level.

Can your approach be transferred and/or adapted for other innovation challenges and regions?


Estimated transferability on a scale from 1 to 5
(where 1 is easy and 5 very difficult)


For sharing the experience on the good practice, please contact Juan Pedro Romero Trueba (jpromero@mapa.es)