What was the challenge/ problem addressed?

This case addresses the appropriation of new technologies for farmers in viticulture. We wanted to assess, in a very practical way, with the contribution and feedback of the winegrowers, the benefits of technologies like intra-parcel mapping, robotics, or tractor guidance.

How did you solve the problem?

We have organized several workshops with robot manufacturers, drone pilots, and GPS providers for the tractor. During these events, winegrowers could see field demonstrations and ask questions directly to precision farming technology providers. They could even experience themselves and test the automatic drive along the vine row.
Robotics, infra-plot precision mapping and automatic guidance are technologies that are not yet largely adopted by winegrowers. So, there is a need to show how they work and how the farmer can use them in a very practical way.

What are the success factors in solving the problem?

These technologies have to be accessible price-wise, and easy to use for the farmer.

Unexpected fails, if any

It is a challenge to keep the farmers interested, active, and participative during the whole duration of the project as they have their own constraints on the farm, and their availability is very dependable on weather conditions.

Lessons learned

Keep it simple, and show the practice side of technologies (on-field demonstrations are good media). The last demonstration gathered 70 participants (mostly farmers, and also 15 advisors).

What role does the advisor or advisory service play within the practical case?

Several different advisory organisations were implicated: some organised the demonstrations and workshops, and some participated as multipliers for other areas.

Can your approach be transferred and/or adapted for other innovation challenges and regions?


Estimated transferability on a scale from 1 to 5
(where 1 is easy and 5 very difficult)


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