What was the challenge/ problem addressed?  

Establish links between innovative companies and technicians and winegrowers. Allow french wine start-up and companies of Occitanie area to showcase their know-how and products in the field: vineyard and winery 

How did you solve the problem?  

15 ha of experimental vine and a winery made available to 45 companies to carry out   demonstrations. Innovation fair in the fields! More than 300 winegrowers   will walk on the 15 ha and meet the companies.  

What are the success factors in solving the problem? 

Number of companies who wanted to participate: 45 and Number of visitors: more than 300 at the moment 

Unexpected fails, if any 


Lessons learned 

Lot of time to organize. Major interest of companies in showing their innovation on a dedicated site during a large-scale event  

What role does the advisor or advisory service play within the practical case? 

Chamber of Agriculture is a partner of the event. Advisors help us to choose the innovative companies : those wich will interest the winegrowers. 

Can your approach be transferred and/or adapted for other innovation challenges and regions? 


Estimated transferability on a scale from 1 to 5
(where 1 is easy and 5 very difficult) 


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