An online CECRA training for Module Team Work and Team Leadership, will be held on May 13 and 14, 2021. Training will be organized by IPN /ISAA (Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Belgrade, for 22 agriculture advisors, from 22 regional Farm Advisory Services.

Training will strengthen capacity of advisors and explore methodology related to i2connect project.

Training will be facilitated by Igor Hrovatic (CAFS, Slovenia) and Sladjan Stankovic (IPN, Serbia).

Training dates and plan for CECRA training in 2021:

13. & 14.05.2021. – CECRA Module – Team Work and Team Leadership

20. & 21.05.2021. – CECRA Module – Communication and Relationship Building in Advisory Work

26. & 27.05.2021. – CECRA Module – My profile as a consultant