In the frame of i2connect, the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) and the Italian Foundation for Research in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture (FIRAB) organised a Cross Visit in Italy for European agricultural advisors. The Cross Visit focused on interactive innovation and advisory support in organic farming. Participants visited La Casa delle Sementi, the result of the Operational Group CONSEMI, aimed at inventorying and preserving the local genetic material of cereals, and the Andrea Pitton farm, known for his own radicchio selections and other vegetables.

The participants also explored the organization of advisory services in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The visit included discussions on success factors and barriers using tools like the Spiral of Initiative and the Triangle of Co-creation. The exchange of knowledge and best practices between countries was highlighted as a valuable aspect of the cross visit. It also provided inspiring insights into different European projects and promoted the exchange of ideas among colleagues in the field of organic farming. Acknowledgements: A special thanks to the Friuli Venezia Region, ERSA, AIAB FVG, the Pitton Andrea farm, the Casa delle Sementi and Ca’ dell’Agata farmhouse.

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