The advisor entities in the Basque Country are integrated into a structure called Lursail, this common structure allows dynamic work and interaction between the different advisors. One of this
advisor entities are ABERE who have developed the pilot project which has boosted the competencies of advisors and their organizations to engage and support farmers in interactive innovation processes.

This pilot project has been a good opportunity to make a direct application of cocreation tools in three major projects, which is why we can talk about three levels:

Provide training to an existing network in interactive: In the last few months, we have been working hard on advice for the sustainable use of organic matter, due to the changes in the regulations that are taking place in Europe and Spain. It is for this reason that we decided to use this already-established network to provide the training that we had received through one of the project partners, INTIA. This i2connect project partner conducted a 3-day training on interactive innovation for 15 advisors.

Creation of a network using co-creation tools: we have sought synergies between 4 different agents, creating a network that will improve the production systems of the first sector, and in particular improve the sustainable management of slurry.

Use of a network of advisors for creative and complementary interaction: we have made use of an existing network to work on interactions and to improve communication and knowledge