After the 3rd TTT in Dublin last week (4-7 Oct.) more than 80 messages in two days in the WhatsApp of the training group showed gratitude and enthusiasm for the event that had just taken place. 14 participants with 7 nationalities practiced together in the role of advisor, facilitator, and trainer, and they consulted each other on what to do in the stories they brought in from home.

Insights became clear, such as the importance of the initiative and actors who embrace a shared ambition. The energy between people does not start to flow because of co-incidents: you can do something about it. And moments that cost energy are not negative or someone’s fault, but signals that there is work to do from which you can learn.

The real work starts only now, when participants are back home again, resume their work, and start planning the training for advisors in their own country. They know now that they have peers and trainers behind them who stay in contact, in the 6-month coaching period, and in the professional network that will be built up from now on.

For the trainers team: Eelke Wielinga