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How i2connect plan to engage advisors and local actors in practice in innovative approaches in agriculture and forestry? What benefits and barriers are experienced and impact created? What is needed for a sustainable continuation? All of these and more questions will be covered in the i2connect presentation at the upcoming annual event of NetworkNature.

Nature-based solutions, in Europe and beyond, are an integral part of restoration efforts and represent the building blocks for a sustainable future, including in the field of health,  agriculture, climate change and more. Joint action and local, regional and international cooperation are crucial to maximise the impact and spread of nature-based solutions. The recognition of their potential to address societal challenges has translated into an increasingly prominent role of nature-based solutions in the EU policy landscape, with the European Green Deal providing an opportunity to mobilise their implementation and to increase financing. The event will showcase the vision and added value of Network Nature in achieving these objectives.

With the objective of creating a space for dialogue for the nature-based solutions community and to expand the community to establish partnerships with new and impactful actors, the event will gather stakeholders from all target groups, including policymakers, scientific experts, civil society as well as investors and financing institutions, infrastructure planners and builders, landowners and natural resource managers.

The event will be structured in three parts: an opening plenary (10am – 12pm CET); five parallel sessions (2pm – 4pm CET); a closing plenary (4.15pm – 5.50pm).

The agenda for the day is provided below. A more detailed version is accessible here.

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