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In the middle of May, our i2connect partners from Latvia are inviting you to join the cross-visit to learn more about the interactive innovation approaches applied in the Latvian agricultural sector. By joining the cross-visit, you will have the possibility to learn more about:

  • Life program project “Climate Responsible Agriculture for Latvia” where LRATC is one of the partners and tests one of three practices for reducing GHG emissions. In this project, advisors are leading and advising a group of farmers who are testing the no-till method on their fields.
  • EIP Operational group project “New technologies and economically viable solutions for producing local feed for pig production: cultivation of non-genetically modified soybeans and new barley varieties in Latvia” (Short: Local protein feed production). An excellent case demonstrating interactive innovation and co-creation.
  •  Visit the Training and demonstration center “Lielozoli” – aimed at creating an environment for transferring knowledge about sustainable farming, innovations, circular economics, and bout general topics of agriculture, forestry, and fishery. The main target groups of Lielozoli are children, students, families, and those who want to live and develop in rural areas.
  • EIP Operational group project “Patatoe-based innovative component development and production for pastry (cakes)”. The aim of the project is to face new trends and demands from the market and to create new, healthy pastry products by using potatoes as one of the main components of the cakes.
  • Healthiest cereal production from locally grown rye, wheat, oat, etc. Excellent collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs provides benefits for the local crop producers and society in general.

For more information about the above-mentioned projects and the cross-visit itself, please feel free to reach out to Linda linda.sarke@llkc.lv

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