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The Agricultural University of Athens is pleased to invite you to the i2connect Cross-Visit in Imathia, Greece.

Imathia, located in the region of Central Macedonia, is an area of highly intensive agriculture and the main peach-producing area in Greece. Indeed, the area’s peach plantations account for almost half of the total area under peach cultivation in Greece.

During the cross-visit, we will use i2connect tools to explore the efforts of the local peach growers’ groups and their advisors to reduce the use of pesticides and turn to Integrated Pest Management. Together, these actors became an example for others by introducing innovations, such as insects’ mating disruption, and nurturing collaborations within the local, regional, and national actors. Have a look at the preliminary agenda here!

To express your interest, please don`t hesitate to contact Eleni Zarokosta elenazarokosta@aua.gr

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