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CREA and FIRAB are pleased to invite you to a cross visit in Italy organized on October 12th -13th, 2023 in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions.

The cross-visit will be focused on experiences related to organic farming. It will be a great opportunity to put into practice the co-creation tools and to enlarge the network with advisors from all over Europe. The participants will be visiting and meeting with AVEPROBI and AIAB Friuli Venezia Giulia.

DAY 1: 12th October – Vicenza – Veneto Region

AVEPROBI is a regional association of organic producers and processors, which for more than a decade has devoted part of its activities to the on-farm conservation of local agrobiodiversity, catalyzing energies, and initiatives among groups operating on cultivated biodiversity in Veneto.

A Community Seed Bank (CSB) has been set up to promote the development of innovative cereal-based value chains, both at the seed and the final food product level. Its governance and business model are based on participatory approaches in order to achieve operational effectiveness and stakeholders consensus.

Local farmers’ networks are called to reproduce the seeds, to foster and monitor their evolution and adaptation as well as to facilitate their sharing.

The Community Seed Bank is a novelty in the Veneto territory and the adaptation to the regional circumstances requires the identification of durable enabling conditions: linking up farmers and consumers (and dedicated processors in-between) around organically cultivated biodiversity makes the dynamic conservation of heritage seeds part of a larger social dynamic.

DAY 2 : 13th October – Udine – Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) Region

AIAB FVG is the regional branch of the Italian Association for Organic Farming (AIAB), representing organic farmers and advisors as well as consumers. AIAB FVG aims at consolidating and promoting the organic farming method, involving all stakeholders and collaborating with regional institutions.

In 2023 AIAB FVG has been tasked by the Regional Administration to offer free non-continuous technical advice to organic (or transitioning to organic) farms located in the region. The service is carried out by means of one or more visits to the farm, lasting a maximum of four hours and focusing on specific topics that differ depending on the crop or farm production orientation. At the end of each visit, the farm simply has to countersign a declaration stating the intervention of the appointed technician. The crops covered by the organic advisory and technical assistance service are arable crops, horticulture, permanent fruit crops, and viticulture.

Arrival should be planned for 11th October 2023 and departure can be planned to start from 18:30 (for participants traveling by train/car) and 20.30 (for participants traveling by plane) on 13th October 2023.

Nearby airports: 

  • Treviso airport; 
  • Venice airport (1 hour by train);
  • Verona airport (2,5 hours by train).

Registration is open until the 7th of September. If you are interested to join the cross-visit, please contact CREA team Valentina Carta valentina.carta@crea.gov.it

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