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In the middle of April, our i2connect partners from Portugal are inviting you to join the cross-visit to learn more about the interactive innovation approaches applied in the Portuguese agricultural sector.

The “Segunda Via – Ecological Intensification of Agriculture” project aims to develop a modern agricultural management model that reconciles the profitability of agricultural production with conservation and restoration practices of ecological habitats. Developing a model of an environmentally responsible farm, while capitalizing on the extensive natural capital existing on its grounds, which can be widely replicated in its region (the surrounding areas of the Tagus river) and throughout the country.

The project working group includes the farmer, faculty (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa), two public entities (EDIA and Fundo Ambiental), and an advisory services company (CONSULAI).
In this Cross Visit, we will be able to analyze the Innovation Spiral that led to the creation of this project, as well as analyze its Network.

For more information, please don`t hesitate to contact Francisca Viveiros fviveiros@consulai.com

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