In the ESEE, advisors, trainers, researchers, and policymakers from Europe and further, inspire ‘partners in crime’ to create approaches in the transitions for farming. The atmosphere in this seminar is: “we should adapt our own approach, give evidence and credibility to effective ways of working. Only then we can interact with farmers to innovate.”

This context is a great opportunity for i2connect to promote interactive interaction its target groups of advisors, trainers/teachers and enabling environment. Partners in the project take this chance and introduce the insights and exchange in all events.

For example, Eelke Wielinga, Simona Cristiano and Patrizia Prioetti presented new perspectives on AKIS; Eleni Zarokosta and Alex Koutsouris reflect on strengthening future advisors capacity to support innovation through interactive training.

Even in the field trips, the relevance of interactive innovation gets clear: real exchange starts in the inspiring environment of the field of machine hall, nice discussions start up when the right open questions are raised, in the walk, bus and meal, deep insights are shared. Wrapping up and sharing of this happens in bigger meetings.

On all those levels i2connect reached the most relevant people; they share insights and that is a strong basis to implement or to create the environment to implement interactive innovation.

Credits: Peter Paree, ZLTO

The European Seminar on Extension & Education (ESEE) is a biennial conference about agricultural advice and education. It has gathered scholars advisors and educators since 1973. It aims at supporting discussion between science and practice. Hence, it is open to a diversity of contributions, both academic and practical. ESEE gathers and contrasts experiences and findings from all European countries, but also between Europe and other contexts in the global North and global South. The seminar has led to the publication of several special issues in the Journal of Agricultural Extension and Education and other academic publications. The 2023 conference was organized in Toulouse from the 10th to the 13th of July. It focused on the convergences and divergences between sustainability transitions and the new patterns of advice and education. Find out more on