The association “Lebensraum:natur” was founded by a group of private individuals as a reaction to the loss of species and the biodiversity crisis. The association has already realized several projects, including the creation of flowering stripes in the agricultural landscape, planting hedges, and a partridge project. They have also organized a big festival to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the issues among people. “Lebensraum:natur” is a voluntary and honorary project with limited financial resources, but a dedicated group of people working for the cause.

The project analysis, which was carried out as part of the i2connect Cross Visit, draws the following conclusion: The “Lebensraum:natur” project is an example of how much enthusiasm, commitment, and zeal a few people can achieve. It has model characters for other regions. Its particular strength lies in the cooperation of all those involved and the ability to find common intersections, even though different approaches exist. It is suggested to distribute responsibilities even better in the future and to build up possible successors in order to ensure the long-term nature of the project.

Learn more from our new video with statements by:

Josef Voglsperger, Chairman of the Habitat:Nature Association

Helene Faltermeier-Huber, Leadership Academy (FÜAk)

Vedran Tomić, Institute for science application, Serbia

Claudia Leibrock, Innovation Consultancy EIP, NRW