In November 2022, eight advisors from five countries (Netherlands, France, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium) visited Hungary. This Cross-Visit was organized by the i2connect project. The aim was that the advisors learn how to identify and analyse interactive innovation processes using the example of a Hungarian EIP-AGRI operational group. 

This Operational Groups called “lupine dream” aims at using sweet lupine produced in different growing regions as an alternative protein source in pig feeding and to investigate its economics. The group consists of an advisor, a research centre, a feed company and several agricultural producers. One of the producers hosted the foreign advisors as part of the i2connect cross-visit and shared its experiences in the project.

The partners in the group found that the yield of lupine is significantly determined by the agroecological conditions. The quality of the soil is the most decisive factor during vegetative development. 

By sharing the developments and innovations at the domestic and international level, the network of the farmers continues to expand. This is a secondary benefit for everyone. The sharing of experiences during Cross-Visits and the use of specific analysis methods make it possible to get acquainted with the results in different European countries. This allows all participants continuous development and joint learning.