Dr. Eelke Wielinga gave a four-hour introduction to the innovation methods of the i2connect project for young advisors in Athens on 23rd of February 2020. In the i2connect project, agricultural and forestry advisors are trained in innovation support methods. Dr. Wielinga has developed the FAN approach (FAN stands for Free Actors in Networks) and considers networks as living organisms (www.toolsfornetworkers.nl). With his field research on innovation projects he significantly influenced the current EU-EIP agricultural policy. Together with the participants of YEUFRAS network he presented the workshop results at the EUFRAS General Assembly. 

– In the dissemination phase of an innovation process, novelties that have proved useful are communicated to a wider public by networking activities.

– The spiral is used by innovation support agents to reflect with the innovation group the steps to be made in an innovation project and in what stage the actual innovation process is at the moment.