“Accompanying change, supporting innovation, strengthening resilience” are three starting points of rural advisory services to provide benefits in times of accelerated structural change and technological upheaval. The pressing environmental problems such as climate change and species extinction, the megatrends of healthy living and digitalization affect agricultural business concepts as well as the lives of every individual. Developments accelerate in crises. The Corona pandemic made it clear how important it is to be crisis-proof. How have advisors reacted in this situation? How did they manage to stand by clients, especially in times of crisis? How can advisors help to strengthen resilience, i.e. the ability to survive crises unscathed?

In the IALB-EUFRAS-SEASN Conference 2021 around the Lake Constance region, the focus is on the exchange on these topics from the agricultural advisor’s point of view. In 14 workshops, 5 online excursions around Lake Constance and in the poster session, best practice examples of professional guidance in the form of consulting, educational offers and innovation projects will be presented. The key note speakers Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik (Malik Management Institut, St. Gallen), Kerstin Rosenow (EU Commission) and Dr. Eelke Wielinga (linkconsult.nl) will address the three conference focal points.

The organizations IALB (International Academy for Rural Advisory Services), EUFRAS (European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services) and SEASN (South Eastern Europe Advisory Service Network) are the organizers of the conference and, together with the states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, AGRIDEA and the Vorarlberg Chamber of Agriculture, will offer an interesting, comprehensive program for extension workers, education officers and researchers. About 300 participants are expected.

The 60th anniversary of the IALB will be celebrated during the conference. Together, with new methods, such as Kudoboard, Open-Space and a conference café permanently open in wonder.me, as in previous years, the exchange among colleagues from agricultural extension, education and research will play an important role.

 Should you wish to attend the conference personally, please notify Barbara Vielreicher i2connect@fueak.bayern.de

 On behalf of the conference organizers

 Jussi Juhola
European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (EUFRAS)