How is it possible that, after a long day of training, we are still full of energy? This is what many participants asked themselves at the end of the second day of the second Train-The-Trainer course in Lyon. They worked on methods for stimulating creativity and co-creation in groups. Learning by doing. Each of the participants brought along a story from her/his own experience. On the first day they looked at it from the angle of a participant in the i2connect project, and on the second day as a facilitator.

I am writing this at the start of the third and last day, when participants will act as trainers: how can you use these tools and insights when you organise your own training back home? I am curious what is going to happen because the result is a surprise as it will follow from co-creation.

This training is just a moment in a longer track of webinars and coaching. With what participants learned in this training, they will re-write their stories and add an analysis so that it becomes a learning history. And then the real work will start for them: organising their own training, by using the ingredients from this TTT and adapting them to their culture and audiences.

The group is smaller than was planned for: 9 participants instead of 15. Unfortunately, COVID made it impossible for others to come. But for the quality of the interactions and learnings this was certainly not a disadvantage.

For the trainers team: Eelke Wielinga


* In i2connect we are designing a training of trainer (ToT) programme and training materials for advisors. The trainees will be able to facilitate the training and education events, such as the Excellence Classes for advisory services’ managers and for the managing authorities, as well as the Summers schools for students and future advisors. These trained trainers and facilitators are part of the i2connect trainers’ pool which works as an academy in a tight network to share experience and meets at least once a year during the project, to share their experiences. This group is expected to have a wide outreach beyond the project, members being empowered to disseminate their competencies outside and after the project duration.