In i2connect, a field peer review involves peers from different countries reviewing practical case innovations and learning from each other. The focus is on advisory services and understanding how interactive innovation occurs. The peers try to understand the roles of actors, stakeholders, and key moments like challenges, successes, and insights. The knowledge gained from these field peer reviews, benefits advisor training programs.

The GoCitrics project in a nutshell

The GoCitrics project focuses on precision agriculture in citrus irrigation and fertilization. It utilizes remote sensing, including terrestrial and aerial techniques to reduce water and fertilizer usage. Capacitance probes monitor soil moisture, drones with hyper-spectral cameras, capture detailed information, and satellite data provide insights at the tree level. These tools optimize irrigation, fertilization and detect system failures.

Analyzing the GoCitrics project

In early March 2023, three representatives from Slovenia visited Valencia to analyze the GoCitrics project for the i2onnect project. They met with the Spanish peer coordinator, a local citrus producer, and a project manager who also served as an advisor and innovation agent. The Slovenian team analyzed the seven steps of the project development process using the Spiral of Initiatives method. They conducted interviews with key stakeholders to understand the interactive innovation process. The project was initiated by an advisor, an innovation agent, a project manager, and two researchers. It successfully involved farmers, research institutions, universities, and the private sector. In conclusion, the project’s success can be attributed to agronomical and technical skills, remote sensing data analysis, as well as the social component, including the advisors, soft skills, and collaboration among stakeholders.