Games can promote the exchange of knowledge among peers. i2connect presents two games developed in France.

French advisor Grégory Lemercier from the Chambre d’agriculture d’Alsace is always on the lookout for new methods to stimulate knowledge exchange between farmers. This is how he came across the game “Mission Ecophyt’Eau®”. In this game, the participants first “create” the farm of the host with its crop rotation and management measures. Then the group suggests how the existing system can be optimised according to the host farmer’s objectives. Finally, the group presents its innovations to the host farmer, justifies them and asks for his opinion.

Grégory Lemercier’s conclusion: “The game stimulates discussions. Sitting around a table together and developing new solutions is very enriching!”

The game “Mission Ecophyt’Eau®” was developed within the framework of the Ecophyt’Eau Plan in France.

Philippe Delval, member of the Integrated Crop Protection group at ACTA has developed the game “Désherbage Grandes Cultures” on integrated weed management. It is aimed at students, advisors and farmers. “This game is both about knowledge, but it also aims to raise awareness of different approaches to weed management,” says Philippe Delval. The players learn about alternative methods to chemical weed control.

The game was developed as part of the European IWMPRAISE project.

Both games are available in French only. Do you know similar games? Please share your experiences with us! Contact liga.cimermane[@]