1. Chambers of agriculture in Occitanie, who are-we?

Chambers of agriculture in Occitanie (France) are consular organisms which also provide advising services to farmers. We are working with the regional professional agricultural structures network (farmers, technical institutes, research, public services,) in order to meet agricultural challenges in facing to answer triple performance: social, environmental and economic. To this purpose, our jobs focus on innovation to continue agricultural productions, and to carry out agroecological transition engaged in our territory. Moreover, by working together, in our network and with our partners, we stimulate creation and dissemination of agricultural innovative practices: this is exactly what we can call Interactive Innovation.

Let us show you some examples of interactive innovation in Occitanie. Before, you must know that Chambers of agriculture in Occitanie get involved in several interactive innovation process as:

  • Group of innovative farmers (GIEE, GOPEI, DEPHY, …)
  • Innovative practices valorisation and dissemination project (AGLAE …)
  • Research project (with INRAe),
  • Technical experimentation (with technical institutes).

Following, you’ll read five projects or processes that take place in Occitanie.

2. AGLAE(Farmers share their agroecological practices) & Ambassadeurs Innov’Action : regional processes of identification and dissemination of innovative practices

These processes aim to identify and spread innovative practices which answer to agroecological transition. These practices have been done by farmers or agricultural organisms (Chamber of agriculture, INRAe, technical institutes).

This type of process is extremely important because innovative practices exist everywhere on the territory. Nonetheless, there are unknown by each other and not disseminated. In interactive innovation, interactivity is essential and these sharing projects are truly meaningful.

The objective is to guide advice organisms, farmers or facilitators taking this practices which could answer triple performance and experiment the application behind origin territory.

Process is not an end in itself but a tool to boost innovation spreading. Processes target every production and thematic, and are coordinated at a regional level by the regional Chamber of agriculture of Occitanie.

In the case of AGLAE: spreading go through digital tools: technical form, videos, … People who are interested by innovation can find information online and contact a referent person.

In the case of Ambassadeurs Innov’Action : spreading go through « open farming » events. Farmers share innovative practical they are doing on their farm to other farmers, advisors, even to society. Visitors can discover more about innovative practical thanks to QR-codes all around the farm which are keys to have a better understanding of innovation.

>> Do you want more information about AGLAE ?

>> Do you want more information about Ambassadeurs Innov’Action ? https://ambassadeursinnovaction.fr/

3. AGROSYL, QUALIPRAT, DIAL: local processes of identification and dissemination of innovative practices

Processes described here are more located (at a departmental level) and come from experimentation and sharing between farmers on a territory. Departmental chambers of agriculture follow these processes and work directly with farmers. These type of innovative practices can be spread at a regional level thanks to projects as AGLAE or Ambassadeurs Innov’Action : everything is working together.

You’ll learn more about 3 examples of interactive innovation in Occitanie :

  • The objective of AGROSYL project is to promote agroforestry system in order to support feed autonomy and animal welfare. The project consists in developing those practices and spreading them among farmers. It also supports synergy between production, development and research to create innovative practices.

Many videos have been created about the project and its results: tap « Agrosyl » on YouTube and watch !

This project is followed by the Chamber of agriculture of Ariège (France)

  • DIAL project is a local agroecological innovation system which stimulates emergence and conception of innovative feed autonomy systems. This project aims to support synergy between production, development and research to create innovative practices. It is addressed to livestock farmers located in South Aveyron.

This project is followed by the Chamber of agriculture of Aveyron (France)

  • QUALIPRAT project aims to product good quality feed, farmers, industries and Chamber of agriculture by creating a network. The main objective is to develop multi-varietal pasture. More than 24 farmers, with Chamber of Agriculture of Aveyron (12), agricultural development group and INRA (research institute) work together to create innovative solutions that respond to triple performance.

The project helps to develop a digital decision making tool to create a qualitative multi-varietal pasture adapted to soil and climate. (CapFlore)

This project is followed by the Chamber of agriculture of Tarn (France).

  1. Conclusion

So, in each project, innovative practices developed on the field, have been collected, exchanged and shared in order to create a global movement. Thanks to these projects, solutions are found and improvements are to be made. There are obviously still issues and challenges to overcome. However, thanks to interaction, results of research and experimentation about these subjects will help going through agroecological transition.

Contact: Marie Boitelet – Project manager at Regional Chamber of agriculture of Occitanie (marie.boitelet@occitanie.chambagri.fr)