Practical cases

i2connect will examine practical cases where experiences in interactive innovation support have been successful and identify the strategies, practices, actions, motivations, and environment that constitute and support these good practices. During the project, the i2connect website will present a catalogue of up to 300 potentially interesting practical cases, where about 40 of which will be described and analyzed in-depth in order to draw general lessons regarding innovation support.

Title of the practical case Level of the practical case Country where the practical case originates
ARGE Ammosafe Regional Austria
EIP AgroMeatsNature Regional Belgium
Joining forces for optimal organic feed for weaner piglets Regional Belgium
Slachtdoordacht Regional Belgium
Focused Advising Concept for Dairy Management Local, Regional, National, International Finland
Agricultural Leadership Training in People Management National Finland
Sharing best practice in discussion groups National, International Finland
AGROSYL: feed autonomy and animal wellcare, thanks to wood and forest Local France
DIAL: Local agroecological innovation system to stimulate emergence and conception of innovative feed autonomy systems Local France
QUALIPRAT – Fodder QUALity and PRActices Loca France
Summer event for farmers: from innovative vine varieties to wine tasting Local France
Cash management as a new way to decide Local, Regional France
Mont-Blanc is in Normandy: Make entrepreneurial behaviors flourish! Local, Regional, National France
“Vineyard 2.0”: EIP Agri operational group to test new technologies at the vineyard Regional France
AGLAE: Farmers share their agroecological practices Regional France
Ambassadeurs Innov’Action Regional France
GASCOGN’INNOV: redesign of viticultural systems to improve biological soil quality and soil conservation in the South West of France Regional France
Viticulture and Arboriculture Innovation Research and Development Day Regional France
Round table for biodiversity Landshut Local Germany
Organically strong! Local, Regional Germany
Holistic dairy cow health care approach for efficient and sustainable milk production Local, Regional, International Germany
LED light test in tomato glasshouse winter production Regional Germany
Tierwohl-Check Rind (Weiter-) Entwicklung und landesweite Bereitstellung eines Instruments zur Beurteilung des Tierwohls anhand ausgewählter Indikatoren für schleswig-holsteinische Milchviehbetriebe Regional Germany
Weidemanager SH | Pasture manager SH Regional Germany
Innovative Nutrient Scanner International Hungary
Hungary’s first short-rotation energy wood plantation of grey poplar Local Hungary
Tracking high breeding value Hungarian grey cattle in pastoral livestock management using IoT technology Local, National, International Hungary
Smart Insect Trap Local, Regional, National, International Hungary
E-learning system in the Hungarian Advisory System National Hungary
Innovative advisory in sheep-breeding National Hungary
Application of agricultural technologies in the implementation of afforestation Regional Hungary
Application of forest management methods to create mixed, selection forests Regional Hungary
Rehabilitation of eroded fields in Somogy county Regional Hungary
Contract rearing group Co. Leitrim Local, National Ireland
Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advisory Programme (ASSAP) National Ireland
Developing Salad Potatoes National Ireland
Small Biogas Demonstration Programme National Ireland
Sustainable Uplands Agri-environmental Scheme (SUAS) EIP Regional Ireland
Healthy chestnut trees Local Italy
Regional concepts for the reduction of point source pollution of water by focusing on new methods of filling and cleaning sprayers Local, Regional Italy
BODI – Integrated System of phytosanitary defense for the digital reporting Regional Italy
The phytopathological monitoring system in viticulture, integrating agro-meteorological support functions Regional Italy
TRAS.IRRI.MA: Transfer of validated technologies irrigation management and protocols to optimize irrigation Regional Italy
Development of a decision support system for the management of leaf and ear diseases in winter wheat National Latvia
LVM GEO Platform National Latvia
The Use of a Mobile Laboratory Dealing with Influence of Nutritional Factors on Increase of Production of Dairy Cows and Improvement of Production Local, Regional Lithuania
IKMIS: a system of integrated plant protection, consulting, and training Local, Regional, National, International Lithuania
TITRIS: Applied Innovation Research and Results Information System Local, Regional, National, International Lithuania
Regulation of Regime of Soil Moisture Regional, National Lithuania
Mechanical weed control for organic cultivation of maize in drink water catchments in Luxembourg Local, Regional Luxembourg
Smart greening systems for vineyards in central Europe Regional Luxembourg
Collaborative composting to optimize organic materials’ cycles Regional, National Luxembourg
Working together on the Kromme Rijn nutrient cycle Local, Regional Netherlands
Calf to Cow Local, Regional, National Netherlands
Social interventions to improve health management on farms National Netherlands
Food Family Programme Regional Netherlands
Heijhoef Farming Regional Netherlands
KringloopToppers Noord Nederland Regional, National Netherlands
The Practical Training Centre for Small Food Processing National, International Poland
The use of alternative forage forage in cattle feeding, conservative maize stripping, immediately after catch crop as an alternative source of income on a farm Regional Poland
Milho Amarelo – Yellow Corn Local Portugal
Corn for Popcorn National Portugal
Opuntia ficus indica – Forage Alternative for Animal Feed Regional Portugal
Pubec – Styrian young wines National Slovenia
Technique day Regional, National Slovenia
Board games for learning and education International Sweden
Recording behavioral characteristics in dairy cattle by using the RumiWatch-System Local, Regional, National Switzerland
Strategies to control Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) National Switzerland
PFLOPF – Optimization and reduction of plant protection product use by applying precision farming technologies Regional Switzerland
Star’Terre, la plateStar’Terre, la plateforme agri-inno-alimentaire de l’arc lémanique Regional Switzerland