The i2connect Management Board selected in February 2021 the members of the International Advisory Board (IAB) experts in support of innovation in agriculture. Their role is to support the consortium by providing advice and different perspectives, to “see the bigger picture” and ensure that the views of various stakeholders are effectively taken into account. Moreover, three International Advisory Board meetings will be held during the project, ideally during partner General Assemblies.

Here is the list of successful candidates:

Jan van Esch (Netherlands)
Dr Monica Gorman (Ireland)
Mladen Jakopović (Croatia)
Robert Lehmann (Switzerland)
Hans Mikl (Austria)
Dr Aurélie Toillier (France)

The International Advisory Board’s composition is well balanced, with a diversity of countries and actors: a representative of the farm and forestry sectors, a manager of advisory services, a manager of a vocational training institution, a professor and CECRA trainer, a researcher and a representative of public authorities.

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