Because of changing views on knowledge exchange and innovation, agricultural advisors are now taking up more actively a facilitating role in multi-actor innovation projects (i.e. projects where partners with complementary types of knowledge – scientific, practical and other – join forces). On top of their other responsibilities, this extra role of ‘innovation broker’ is also reflected in the expectations for agricultural advisors in terms of their skills and competencies.

As a result, the term ‘advisor’ is becoming a catch-all term which doesn’t reflect the complexity of day to day practice. To respond to these changing dynamics in the agricultural knowledge and innovation landscape, a greater diversification of the concept of the ‘agricultural advisor’ might be in place.

Therefore, we are conducting a survey which aims to get insights on the diversity of agricultural advisors in Europe, in terms of their view on innovation and in terms of competencies needed to facilitate interactive innovation.

We invite all EU agricultural advisors to participate in this online survey.

Simply click the following link to participate: