Fourteen brave and highly motivated trainers have come together at FüAK in Landshut, Bayern, to form the first training pool in the i2connect project. Respecting the COVID-19 rules is a challenge, but it does not inhibit the group to learn from each other in order to organise the first series of training back home.

Some statements from the group at the end of the fourth day:

Great to meet peer trainers from other countries with similar challenges that require different solutions”

“In the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly we now see the colours becoming visible”

“The end (of this training) is the beginning”

How can you equip advisors with tools, methods and skills that motivate and enable them to work on innovations in a co-creative way? All trainers in the pool have their own experiences and tools they like to work with. There is also the contents of the CECRA 16 module on innovation support that was supposed to give the i2connect project a flying start. The outcome of this week also becomes the result of a co-creative process, which is not so easy at all. And precisely overcoming such struggles is a great learning opportunity as well.

Now the group is well on its way to developing concrete plans for conducting training activities to bring home. Energy is key in co-creative processes, and there is a lot of energy in the group to bring this further.