The second i2connect train the trainer event took place from 28th till 30th of September in Lyon, France where also participant Aiva Saulīte Liniņa from Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre discovered new insights into the interactive innovation processes.

“How to achieve successful collaboration in interactive innovation processes? How to analyze problem situations using communication, cooperation analysis methods? It is not possible to talk about interactive innovation only in theory, in the training we had the opportunity to experience how the methods come to life and visualize. The importance of energy, the conditions of its formation, and the understanding of how much each of our activities is associated with different processes, both external and psychological, have allowed us to be more creative during our training and use our own previously unknown energy reserves.

By applying the methods learned in the training, we will have to organize the training for the participants in our own country, thus increasing the number of people who are able to apply interactive innovation methods in their EIP-AGRI working groups, working with clients, etc., thus promoting better cooperation.”