Thank you! These were the two words the 9 multi-actor group leaders told us at the end of the first i2connect training course in Lyon (France), organised by Idele. Although they all do different jobs (1 researcher, 5 Research & Development project leaders, 3 actors of advisory and economic organisations), in different sectors (market gardening, horticulture, breeding), they enjoyed sharing their experiences, testing new concepts and tools to enrich their practice with the groups they support (IAP operational groups, groups of producers and/or Research & Development actors).

Indeed, at the beginning of the 3day course, we questioned the concept of innovation and then of interactive innovation in a multi-actor network that concerned them all. Then we identified different tools and postures that a facilitator can beneficially use at different steps of his project. This gave rise to many discussions and practical application. At the end, they all identified the elements to work on, before we meet again next summer for our online coaching group session.

Christèle Couzy et Delphine Neumeister (idele).