Interactive innovation is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get… and maybe not just chocolates!

Facilitating interactive innovation is what we experience in our farmers’ groups; going out to discover, without maps but with desire and above all with method.

After the training organised in Lyon in March, the second Train the  Trainer  French session took place in Caen (Normandy) from 19 to 21 May. The main topic of the three days training was “How to be a facilitator of interactive innovation?” Nine trainees from various French Regional Chambers, other agricultural organisations and from the business environment (entrepreneurial), the trainees had to dive in the meta levels of facilitating. This training is the result of the collective process initiated in Task 3.6 of the i2connect project. This experience in Caen is a further step contributing to the snowball effect of the i2Connect Network.

They were 9 facilitators to test this training linked to the European project i2Connect. They came from the Chambers of Agriculture of: Yonne, Ile de France, Normandy, APCA, Occitania, Cuma AURA, an off-farm entrepreneurship consultancy, the University, TRAME… A great diversity of profiles for a rich cross-fertilisation.

The aiming of this session was to test in France the training methodology that is carried out in various European countries. Beyond the content and innovative methods, the aim is to develop a culture and a network of advisors around interactive innovation.

The training was proposed by Sophie DUHAMEL (Resolia-APCA) and Ugo DENIS (CRAN).