In the i2connect project, different training programmes are planned at different levels. In order to have a pool of trainers for this, a total of 50 trainers will be trained in five trainings of the trainers. These trainers will then conduct national i2connect trainings and will also be available for excellence classes and the summer schools. A first Train the Trainer (TTT) took place in 2020. In 2021 two TTTs are planned. Since a first TTT in March was not possible due to the Corona situation, these two will now take place in September/October in Lyon and Dublin.

In order to make good use of the time until the face-to-face trainings in autumn, we have also planned two introductory webinars and four further webinars on different topics from March to September. The two introductory webinars took place on 4 and 18 of March. The aim of these webinars was to provide participants with an opportunity to learn more about the i2connect project and the Train the Trainer and to open the space for exchange of ideas and questions of the participants. In total, more than 30 people took part and used the opportunity to raise their questions and expectations and to get in touch with the organizers and trainers of the TTT as well as with other trainees. These workshops are also a first step in building the i2connect community of practice around interactive innovation.