An interactive webinar on how to produce your own farm videos was organized by i2connect specialists – Thomas Alföldi from FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) and Reinis Mellis&Līga Cimermane, EUFRAS to introduce all interested parties to the appropriate equipment, practical tools and guidelines that can be helpful to produce informative and low-costs farm videos and audio-visual materials.

In i2connect various visuals such as videos and slideshows from the practical cases, cross visits and all other fruitful exchanges taking place within the project are being produced thus ensuring the proper dissemination of the project actualities. The human mind tends to perceive information in images – the way it did in the early ages when first people created cave paintings. Using visuals with text makes more sense if you’re looking to communicate with impact and make your created content more memorable. If you have missed the chance to participate in the webinar – don`t worry the video recording of the event is available in i2connect YouTube channel. In the commentary field on YouTube an interactive content overview is added, so you can easily jump to the chapters that interest you the most without having to watch all other parts

The presentations are also available for your review

How to produce informative & low-cost farm videos

Examples of other tools and animation programs that are available for creation of visual dissemination materials

Handbook of Best Practices in Learning Innovation
Handbook of Best Practices in Learning Innovation-Meda_def

To learn more about video production, you can download the FARM DEMO guide “Video production for agriculture” here:

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