i2connect Excellence Class in Tallinn

Metropol Spa Hotel Roseni 9, 10111, Tallinn

The i2connect project is all about encouraging interactive innovation processes

i2connect Cross Visit in Austria/Germany

Höhere Landbauschule Rotthalmünster Franz-Gerauer-Straße 22-24 D-94094 Rotthalmünster

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the next

i2connect Cross visit in Poland

Victor Pruszków de Silva Hotel Pruszków

CDR in Brwinów invites agricultural advisors, trainers, and all professionals

i2connect Excellence class in Crete

MAICH , Chania, Crete, Greece

The i2connect project is all about encouraging interactive innovation processes that mobilize

i2connect Cross visit in Italy

Vicenza Veneto Region

CREA and FIRAB are pleased to invite you to a cross visit in Italy organized on October

Train the Trainer Training 2024

Lielozoli Slampes pagasts, Tukuma novads

Are you involved in interactive and multi-actor innovation process, network

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