Together with the FAIRshare project, we have held a fruitful joint online event “Digitalisation and Interactive Innovation in Farming: Empowering Farm Advisors to Take Action”. Given the common target audience of farm advisors, for both projects, this was a worthwhile endeavor for project partners to meet and understand the common challenges, solutions, and synergies between them. During the event, participants were able to get an overview of both projects as well as the EUREKA Project, inquire a perspective from DG AGRI Representative regarding the Policy/EU Perspective in Influencing Change & Common Challenges as well as to find out more about the good practices to encourage learning & change. A lot of practical ideas for further exchanges will come out of this collaboration in the future, feel free to read on the presentations already!
01_FAIRshare Project Overview

02_FAIRshare_Good Practices in development and use of Digital Advisory tools and services

03_i2connect_Digitalisation & Interactive Innovation in Farming

04_CAP Strategic Plans 2023-2027_New roles & tools for farm advisors in interactive projects

05_Cross Visits & facilitating knowledge exchange_CV learnings from the FAIRshare project

06_i2connect_Activate and facilitate the innovation network

07_Connecting & Engaging with Farm Advisors Successful Examples in FAIRshare & i2Connect